Simple Tricks for Keeping a Black Car Interior Clean

black car

Among the different car colors that are largely hit-or-miss, black is one true hue that stood the test of time. It is chic and classy at all times. Unluckily, the hue is so attractive that even dust and debris love to show up. Whether it’s the exterior or interior, keeping it sleek and shiny is an uphill battle. If you own a car with a black interior, you understand the struggles, especially if you have kids. 

Whether it’s a truck, jeep, Sedan, minivan, or coupe, the black interiors need be to protected to retain the impressive look of the vehicle. Truth be told, maintaining a black car interior is not much different from maintaining other colors. The hype around black is because dust or dirt shines a little more brilliantly on black interiors. There isn’t a shortcut to achieve the neat and crisp look of your vehicle.

Before you fret and decide to trade for a white one instead, it’s not that hard to keep a black car clean. With the following tips and tricks, you can have it!

1. Clear The Trash Regularly

While it may seem obvious, keeping your car interior clean starts with regular trash removal. Set aside two minutes to clear out the obvious trash. Check the underside of each seat. Look everywhere for pieces of food, wrappers, bottles, and toys. Anything that your vacuum cannot handle!

2. Invest In Seat Covers

One of the most effective ways to prevent your black car interior is to invest in seat covers. The idea is daunting for some because it goes against the aesthetics. But if you are choosing the right kind of covers, they can work well without affecting the beauty of your car interior.

There are a wide variety of colors and patterns of seat covers available in the market. They are easy to install and remove. Above all, they hold well. When you get tired of the design or pattern, you can simply replace them. If you are into the idea of adding colors to your car interior, this is a great way to do so!

Some of the seat covers are as simple as wash, rinse, and reusing so you don’t have to worry about the mess your children accidentally made!

3. Vacuum The Upholstery

Vacuum is great for cleaning carpets and car upholstery. Set a schedule for vacuuming the car interior or you will never find the time for cleaning. Make sure you have removed the bigger parts of the trash and excess pet hair before you start vacuuming. That’s because too much fur or heavy items can clog the vacuum cleaner. Choosing the right kind of vacuum is essential to get the job done. A standard household vacuum cleaner may not be right. Your best option is to use a high-powered wet/dry vacuum with an extendable hose. Vacuum the front and back of your car seats. Use the nozzle to clean the hard-to-reach places. Don’t forget the underside of the pedals and side of the door panels.

4. Use A Lint Roller to Remove Pet Hair

You love to travel with your furry friends but that comes with a price. Pet hair gets stuck to the car seat and shows up brilliantly, especially on the black interiors. Remove as much as you can manually. A lot of them can be removed with a heavy-duty vacuum but you may find some remains that are hard to remove. A lint roller is your best bet. The sticky surface of the lint roller is quite effective in picking up any hairs that were not sucked up by the vacuum. What’s the best thing about using a lint roller? You can wash and reuse it so may you never have to buy lint rollers again. It's best to dedicate one of them to your car and keep it in the trunk.

5. Keep A Hairspray Close to Remove Ink Spots

Accidental spills and messes can leave your car interior blotched with ink spots. They not only look ugly but if left untreated for a long time, they can settle into the fabric causing permanent damage. The best approach is not to delay cleaning. Keeping a hairspray nearby can be extremely useful. Getting rid of the spots can be pretty tricky but, in many cases, hairspray gets the job done.

Keep it to short and quick bursts of hair spray. Let it sit for a while and then dab it away with a lint-free paper towel. For the stains that seem a tad stubborn, use club soda. It’s the best remedy for fresh chocolate stains.

6. Get A Duster Sheet and Wipes for Dashboard

The dashboard collects dust and debris like a nesting zone. As it is generally exposed to dust, the black dashboard looks dirty and uncared for. Although there isn’t a way to stop the dust from settling, you can keep a duster sheet or pre-moist wipes for the dashboard. Keep a stash of disposable clothes in a zipped bag in the car console. As soon as the dashboard gets dirty, swipe, swipe, and throw out. The annoying traffic jams can be the perfect time to clean the car interior.

7. Clean Out the Cup Holders

Cup holders tend to be pretty dirty. The spills get into the crevices and solidify. Holders can also harbor dead cells, pet hair, and grime. Take a cotton swab, dip it into the cleaning solution and reach the difficult areas to clean. In some cars, the entire cup holder can be removed for easier cleaning. 

How to maintain the black car? Pretty easy! If you want to avoid using harsh chemicals, mix a homemade solution in a spray bottle. Mix two cups of water, one cup of vinegar, and a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid.

A little bit of elbow grease and weekly cleaning go a long way when it comes to keeping black car interiors clean. Invest money in quality cleaning supplies and you can rock the sleek look! For better results, you can hire professionals for cleaning purposes and these well-experienced automotive cleaning contractors could be easily found on well-reputed directories such as the Topspot 101.