Electric Window Tint for Cars Vs Privacy Glass for Cars

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When it comes to your car, you want it to be cool, comfortable, sleek, and safe all at once. Many car owners prefer the look of electric tinted windows, or privacy glass because it creates a level of privacy and security in their vehicles. Some people will even want to implement both of these but it’s important to know that there is a pretty striking difference between the two. 

If you are someone struggling to choose between the two or just learning the details to make informed decisions in the future, this post is just for you. By the end of this, you will know what is electric window tint for cars, privacy glass, their pros and cons, and the difference between them.

What is Electric Window Tint?

Window tinting technology was introduced about sixty years ago but in its crude state. In general, it served the aesthetic purpose to some extent but turned the interior of your car into a sweltering greenhouse. As of today, electric window tint is the latest trend. It was initially designed for home usage to block out sunlight according to homeowners' needs using tint electricity. Since then, it has gained immense popularity among car owners who are looking to install some sort of smart glass for their vehicles. 

The best thing about electric window smart tint is that it allows you to adjust the level of light that penetrates the glass. As the film is completely adjustable and the opacity can be changed from 5% and 70% VLT. Electric tints are manufactured by laminating the glass between several layers of polymer. When exposed to varying voltages of current, the polymer lined with heavy particles changes its properties.

Pros of Electric Window Tint

Here are a few reasons why smart tints can be beneficial for you.


One of the major benefits of the electric window tint is total privacy. It can completely block out the visibility of the car interior from the outside and maintains outside visibility from inside the passenger cabin. If you are driving in hazy conditions, you can simply switch to the most transparent setting for optimum visibility. During parking, the visibility can be changed to the darkest shade for maximum protection. It prevents your car from potential theft.

Protection from UV and Infrared Rays

You will be surprised to know that electric window tints can block up to 99% UV and infrared lights. Thus it offers the best protection for the passengers and your car from excessive sunlight exposure. This results in better health by minimizing the chances of all sorts of skin problems and eye damage. You will also enjoy more comfort when you enter the parked car after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Freedom Of Control

Smart tints give you the ability to control the shade of the glass. With a single touch of a button, it’s easy to change the visibility according to your requirements. During fogs, you need the most optimum visuals so you can switch to the transparent mode. With a quick press of a button, you can get the darkest shade of protection from the scorching heat of the sun.

Cons of Electric Window Tints

Quite Expensive

Electric window tints will cost you more than standard car window tints, due to the technology and electrical nature of the setup. Prices vary greatly as you choose different brands. In general, the cost of an electric tint is usually twice as much or more compared to conventional tints.

Difficult Installation

As compared to standard car tints, smart tints have more parts. The whole setup requires a lot more than just thin sheets of tint films but involves the installation of an electrical setup that allows you to switch shades. Electricity powers such this incredible feature, and thus the wirings make installation difficult and time-consuming. You may spend more item searching for an industry-trained and experienced professional.


It is not surprising that owing to the highly technical nature of the installation process, smart tints are still not so popular. You will need a professional with sufficient expertise in the electrical setup. Due to a lack of demand, such professionals are not easily available. With Topspot 101, you don’t have to worry about that.

What is Privacy Glass In Cars?

So, what is privacy glass in cars? As the name suggests, privacy glass is known for giving privacy as it allows very little light inside your vehicle. It is mainly a type of glass that is naturally less transparent than other glasses; resultantly, this type of shading lasts as long the glass lasts. Privacy glass is installed in your car by the factory that manufactured your automobile, or you can specifically contract with another factory to make privacy glass windows for you. Typically, privacy glass is used on a car's back windows. In some cases, cars have privacy glass installed on the upper region of the windshield glass to provide protection.

Cons of Privacy Glass

It’s important to remember that automotive privacy glass is not good as window tint and especially ward tint. Here are a few reasons privacy glass is not as good as window tint.

Privacy glass does not block UVA and UVB rays as much as window tints. UV rays may cause materials such as your car's dashboard, leather trim, and even textiles to dry out and age before time. It’s can also lead to skin cancers.

Privacy glass cannot reduce the sun’s glare as most of the sun rays can penetrate this type of glass. Although all automotive glass has some infrared blocking tendencies, privacy glass does not offer more heat blocking than transparent glass.

Moreover, privacy glass is simply a dye or pigment so it does not perform well when it comes to glass shattering.

How To Choose Between The Two?

If you have got the money to pay for the electric window tint, it's best to go for it. That’s because it offers both the benefits of privacy glass as well as smart tint. Privacy glass is for the people who need privacy in their vehicle. You can always consult a professional to make the right choice. 

Hire the Best Professionals to Get Optimal Results

You need the absolute best when it comes to hiring professionals to install electric window tint or privacy glass. This is where we can help you. Topspot 101 has business listings of the top automotive companies in your area. Read the reviews of the previous customers to know more about the reputation of the company before hiring them. When you are working with the best professionals, you will feel safe in making the investment.