Starting a Micro Business - Best Startups for Extreme Beginners

Interior of a coffee shop

Searching for inspiration to know the best tiny business ideas? With plenty of business ideas, choosing the perfect one is easier said than done.

It might look like all of the best small business ideas or good business ideas have been adopted, but this is not true. Most successful tiny business ideas come from people who work for somebody else but think they can do better. Some may begin as employees or amateurs for other businesses and then slowly build up the experience and skills before setting out on their own.

With good ideas and devotion, anyone can make their ambitions of having their own tiny business come true. There are so many little business ideas that you can go with. In this article, we have listed down a few of them for you.  

1. Coffee Shop

Over the last few years, the industry of coffee has seen rapid growth. Earlier everyone used to go to coffee shops to have some quality time with their dearest ones. But nowadays, people are having their official meetups there. If you are a coffee lover and currently thinking about starting a micro-business, convert your passion and love for coffee into a successful business.

Furthermore, when we talk about coffee shops' menu layout, ambiance and customized mugs design play an exceptionally vital role. Also, you can take the assistance of graphic designers for making menu designs. This business does not have a considerable amount of money. Though, it takes a reasonable amount of time and dedication. Almost every class and category of people visit coffee shops. Be it, student, boss, teacher, employee, or simply a group of friends.

2. Cooking Classes

Do you adore cooking? Do you make food so delicious that your dearest ones cannot resist praising the food and its presentation? If your answer is yes, then it tells that you are a fantastic cook.

You can take cooking classes. It is also one of the incredible businesses that you can do from home. Just like the fast-food joints, this business also needs minimum financial investment. Moreover, when you begin getting popular, you can always launch your training center.

3. Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping service includes managing expenses and income, preparing tax returns, and processing payrolls for business customers. If you understand accounting or have skills and your intention is to indulge in starting a micro business and you also have experience in bookkeeping. Then this service can be the perfect small business, to begin with.

In this era, tiny businesses do not have the ability or time to arrange and organize their bookkeeping systems. Therefore, by giving bookkeeping services to them, you can make a decent amount of money.

The prime reason for this is the business involves handling sensitive data. Hence, it is advisable to have a crew of mature professionals. If operated and appropriately managed, this little business idea can be highly productive these days.

4. Daycare Business

Taking care of kids when their parents are not at home is high in demand. Also, for parents looking for a trustworthy or right daycare is quite hard. You can fill up a requirement in your area by starting up a daycare business.

It is not just the best business, to begin with, a small amount of money, but also gives recession-resistant, flexible, and non-seasonal markets. Because of its requirement for low investment it must be considered while thinking about starting a micro-business. 

5. Gardening Business

Herb plantations are one of the rapid-growing businesses and are a good idea for starting a micro business as a beginner. Herbal, teas, medicinal herbs, herbs for candles, culinary herbs, and aromatherapy are only the tip of the iceberg. A strong working understanding of growing herbs is crucial.

Flowers utilized to scent potpourri, candles, soap, and aromatic concoctions need only some square feet of cultivating space. Most of your product making can simply take place in a normal-sized kitchen ready with not more than a stove, shelf, and counter workspace.

Besides, becoming a gardening instructor is a productive means to make cash from your green thumb. You can also give gardening seminars on your lawn, recreation centers, community colleges, and local greenhouses. Also, give a class every month on several factors of gardening. It includes:

  • Designing flower beds.
  • Understanding about perennials.
  • Readying the soil. 
  • Making an English garden. 
  • Planting of bulbs, etc.

6. Transcription Service

If you can type quickly and have a good ear, providing transcription service is an excellent business idea. Also, it enables you to work from home with a flexible schedule. Medical transcription assistance is particularly required as voice recognition technology rapidly increases for healthcare provider dictation. 

If you do not intend to begin all at once, or if you possess a day job, you would prefer to keep. Then, for the time being, you can receive the number of transcription jobs you would like. To increase your business probabilities and explain charging more, you should consider becoming a verified transcriptionist and digging into a few specialties.

Medical transcriptionists generally charge 7 to 15 cents per line of transcription, which can instantly add up. The expected turnaround duration for transcription tasks is around 24 hours. Therefore, it is crucial to be on top of the jobs you accept. Though, the flexibility to approve only a few requests to get begun means you can step up as you are ready. It makes transcription a manageable service to start up gradually. 

Above all, there is minimal cost and overhead of startup. You require appropriate software, a computer, and secure service of messaging.


If you are planning to start a business in 2021, it is essential to consider the new ordinary. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed way too much about how people use services and products. While launching a restaurant or a retail business might have been an excellent idea formerly. Though, you may be best served to review those ideas until you watch out how the next year will be. 

Rather than some more conventional businesses, you should think about those that can help how people are presently living their lives. It doesn't matter what kind of business you go with. You will need to build an excellent ideal business plan. Hopefully, you will be able to choose any of these business ideas and make them successful and when you are done establishing one of these as a final step you should go ahead with listing them on a free directory such as Topspot 101 for securing maximum leads.