How Much Does A Room Addition Cost In Southern California?

how much does room addition cost in Southern California

When you bought your home, you thought you would live there for your whole life. But as your family grows, so do your accommodation needs. Adding a room is a perfect way to add more space and increase the value of your existing home rather than building a new one from the ground up. A newly constructed room can have multiple uses, for example, you can use that room as a bedroom, guest bedroom, home office, children's room, or a gym. 

However, there are a few things to consider and the cost of adding a room is one of them. The process of building a new room is similar to building a mini-home, involving many of the same aspects. This means that if you want to build an additional room in your home, you will be familiar with most of the procedures required to start the project. So, this article is going to tell you the same factors that will let you know about how much does a room addition cost in southern California.

The Size Of The Addition Room

The main factor is the size of the room added, the average cost of adding the room is between $ 195 and $ 270 per square foot, so the larger the addition the higher the cost. If you have some space on the ground floor, the perfect room addition ideas are:

  • Bedroom
  • The dining room
  • Home gym
  • Kitchen extension
  • Home office
  • Washing room
  • Adding a bathroom

The cost of adding square footage to a home varies in complexity and price. The cost depends on the purpose of adding the part. Plumbing, electrical, structural integrity, and design are all the factors to consider when planning a room addition.

The Type Of Additional Room

Another important factor is the type of room you are adding? A bedroom, family room, or home office will cost less than a bathroom or kitchen due to the additional costs of electricity, plumbing, cabinets, and fixtures. The average cost of a medium-priced bathroom in Southern California is $ 23,800 to $ 31,100. A high-end bathroom will set you back around $ 57,600 to $ 77,100. Also, an addition with a design that includes counters, cabinets, flooring, and tile can increase the cost by adding more materials and labor to the project. 

After all, room addition adds more value to your home, making it a great investment. Cabinets alone represent 44% of the cost of a kitchen. With the addition of a room in Southern California, you'll find that the two biggest investments will be plumbing and electrical. Make sure you are familiar with your general contractor's plans and layouts for the additional living space to get an accurate price reading.

Room Addition On The Second Floor

If you are planning to add a room to the second floor of your home, be prepared to add a little more money to your budget. You have a more complex demolition and need to solve additional structural issues. This requires hiring an engineer to draw the plans for adding support beams, additional foundation work required, reconstruction of the roof, and location of the ladder. You may also need to consider a temporary housing situation as construction progresses. It is difficult to live in a construction area, and moving until the new supports and the roof are in place can be a more comfortable and secure option.

Selection Of A Contractor Matters

Hire a contractor carefully for a room addition in California. Ask for references from family, friends, and neighbors, but look for someone who has already renovated attics. Get three quotes in writing and all the details in writing. On average, materials will represent 42% of the contractor's cost and the profit margin will be between 16% and 21%. The remainder covers the overhead costs of the contractor. 

In Southern California, a contractor performing work on a project valued at $ 690 or more for labor and materials must have a current and valid license from the Contractors State Licensing Board. California has certain requirements and protocols for contractors. Make sure everyone you hire is licensed, insured, and has a bond. Check online at the Contracting State Licensing Board website.

Permits And Procedures Are Also The Included Factors

For any new construction job, you must obtain all appropriate building permits before you start adding a room. The exact documentation you need to provide with your permit application varies slightly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but the minimum you need to provide is three sets of detailed construction drawings. These sets of plans should include a site plan, foundation plan, structure, electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning plans. But working with a knowledgeable building design and renovation company will save you a lot of headaches during this process. Adding to your home may be a no-brainer, but there are still a few hurdles to overcome.

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