Do You Know How to Clean a White Fluffy Rug?

Cleaning a white fluffy rug

Raise your hand if your home is filled with white fluffy rugs! Well, we all adore how they light up a room and offer so much charm! But what about when they got stained? Is your rug infused with pasta sauce, Doritos crumbs or ketchup and you don’t know how to clean a white fluffy rug? You are exactly at the right place!

Rugs are the perfect touch to make a rental more your taste when you can't alter much with the flooring in your home or apartment.

The only drawback is that you'll end up with stains. It never turns out the way you plan, no matter how hard you try to keep stains clean or shoes off the carpeting.

With that mind, here’s how you can maintain fluffy area rugs.

How To Clean a White Fluffy Rug—Four Foolproof Ways

While the soft and fluffy fibers of shag rugs make for a wonderfully soft addition to a room, they are not the easiest accessory to clean. 

It's unlikely that you'll be able to completely clean your rug, but if you clean it frequently, you might be able to extend its life. 

As a result, care for a shag rug is more challenging than caring for a rug with a shorter pile. Here are a few pointers on how to clean and care for a white rug.

Simply remove the dirt by shaking

This is a very simple and basic method for dry dirt. Take the rug outside and give it a thorough shake if it's small enough to pick up. 

Another option is to stretch the rug over a railing or a sturdy clothesline and beat it with a broom or an old tennis racket to remove dust and grime trapped in the fibers. 

There will be a massive amount of soil expelled.

Vacuuming it up

Vacuum your white fluffy carpet for bedroom, beginning at the back and working your way forward. Vacuuming the back of the rug (with the beater brush attached) aids in the removal of dirt from the fibers.

Disable the beater brush while vacuuming if you have a shag rug or fibers longer than 34 inches. Also, don't use the beater brush to vacuum fringe or knots. 

The upholstery attachment can be used to vacuum any lengthy fibers.


You can wash your rug by hand if you don't have a steam cleaner and it isn't dry clean only. Even on the gentlest cycle, using a washing machine can be too harsh for some rugs.

  • Begin with a clean, vacuumed rug.
  • Fill the tub halfway with hot water.
  • If the rug is huge, add a capful of detergent or more.
  • Allow the rug to soak in the water for about 10 minutes.
  • Gently massage the stains out of the fibers with your hands and the brush.
  • Wring out as much water as possible.
  • Allow the rug to dry completely.

Spot clean the rug

If your white area rug simply needs to be cleaned in a few spots, spot cleaning will suffice. For the best results, clean spills and spots as soon as possible.

  • Get rid of any excess moisture or debris in the area. Using a clean towel, blot liquids (such as wine or urine). Remove solid material using the edge of a spoon if the stain has dried.
  • Combine water and a little amount of mild detergent in a mixing bowl.
  • Blot the stain with the detergent water using a clean, white sponge or towel. Rubbing just pushes the stain further into the fibers.
  • Repeat with a clean sponge until the stain is gone. Then dab the region with clean water several times until the detergent is washed away.

How Often Should I Clean My White Fluffy Rug?

If you have pets, a shag or frieze pile rug that receives regular foot traffic should be vacuumed daily to preserve the pile fluffy and eliminate dust and debris. 

Vacuuming the rug a couple of times a week should be enough to keep it clean.

Spills and stains should be blotted as soon as possible and addressed on the spot. Monthly or as needed, a more thorough deep cleaning is recommended.

When To Call-In Professionals?

If your rug is only dry cleanable, take it to professional cleaners if vacuuming isn't enough to get it clean. If you don’t know how to clean a white fluffy rug and attempt to clean it at home, this could result in the rug being ruined. 

Not sure how to find a reliable cleaner? You can find local professional carpet cleaners at Topspot 101 within a few minutes.