Tips to Increase Towing Capacity of Any Vehicle

Huge truck towing a car

Towing with the help of a vehicle that isn't properly equipped is life-threatening and all towing companies should strictly keep an eye for this important factor. It's also not ideal for the vehicle, and in some cases, it might lead to a series of costly issues that we're sure you don't want to deal with. 

However, in order to distribute the weight more effectively, you should make changes to your truck. This blog will allow you to understand how to deal with towing a heavier load. If you want to drag a huge boat or a hefty trailer with the help of your current car, you'll need to perform some extensive study on the maximum towing load that can be easily managed. 

Your current towing arrangement or vehicle's towing capacity may be inadequate for carrying that shining brand new boat or horse trailer. So, what are the changes that you need to make? A good idea would be to continue reading in order to learn about how to increase the towing capacity of your vehicle.

What Exactly is Meant By Towing Capacity

When towing a trailer, towing capability indicates the total weight that a vehicle has the capacity to lift with ease. Vehicles are made on the basis of a metric Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR), which is a number that shows the sum of the total amount of a vehicle's weight and its load-carrying capacity.

This makes it more complicated to change the rating because vehicles are made on the basis of their towing capacity. Increasing the towing capacity of some vehicles needs the re-engineering of the whole vehicle, whereas increasing the towing capacity of other vehicles is extremely simple.  

Need to Enhance Towing Capacity?

Increasing towing capacity is possible in a number of different ways, this can be done with either the addition of some components or upgrading a few selective towing components for maximizing the available towing capacity to you or upgrading the entire vehicle. 

Are you interested to know how to increase towing capacity? Here’s what can be done:

Be Conscious of the Towing Capacity

If you proceed with towing something heavier than the capacity of your vehicle it may end up in permanent damage to the engine or transmission. You definitely won’t like to be at an unknown place because of an engine failure. A good idea for saving maximum money is to invest in upgrades of a few selective parts rather than the replacement of the entire vehicle. 

Make sure you are aware of the towing capability before you consider towing an RV. It is possible to find out the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) through either the owner's manual or by making a call to the manufacturer. These alterations may be advantageous if your RV is nearing its limit. 

Using the Right Hitch to Increase Towing Capacity

There are different variations of trailers according to the weight of items that needed to be lifted, it is not possible to use the same trailer for each task. An upgrade of the hitch can dramatically escalate the towing capability of your vehicle. Make sure the hitch that you select is suitable for your truck, your load, and fulfills all safety requirements.

Your current hitch may be capable of towing the load you want, but updating it will improve your safety, so the money that you will be investing won’t be wasted. 

Improvements In Suspension

The suspension system is a constituent of a vehicle that connects both the vehicle and the wheels and permits movement among them. It's fundamentally an assemblage of parts that facilitates the entire vehicle when it's in a state of movement.

An appropriate suspension must be added to enhance the towing capacity. This is a costly update, but a necessary one because of the fact that an insufficient suspension might cause some serious safety concerns. 

By enhancing the distribution of weight across all axles, an improved suspension can help increase towing capacity. Updating the suspension adds weight to the front of the vehicle, which resultantly allows safety from road bumps and also facilitates a smooth ride and better control over the steering. 

Modify the Brake System

When you are towing, the condition of the brakes of your vehicle is one of the most crucial factors to consider. There will be some really bad outcomes if you are unable to stop the truck at the right time.

Resultantly, if you're towing something heavy, you should thoughtfully consider upgrading your truck's brake pads and also the rotors. In this way, you will make sure that the vehicle instantly stops applying the brakes. 

Other Upgrades to Consider

1. Upgrading the Engine

An updated engine can most definitely increase the towing capacity of any vehicle. 

2. Updating the Alternator

When we think about increased towing capability, the alternator often gets neglected. But there is a possibility for some manufacturers to add in some additional towing capacity while applying slight modifications to the alternator.

3. Higher Axle Ratios

Another important factor that can increase a vehicle's towing capability is high axle ratios, which are generally factory-installed but can be updated aftermarket if you have got the access to the right means or are mechanically inclined.

4. Updating the Radiator

This feature is usually ignored, but it can supply your vehicle with the increased cooling capacity that is needed for dragging heavy objects upwards. Another important element for decreasing the extra heat generated while towing is the transmission cooler.


Concluding this whole discussion about tips to increase towing capacity, we can say that there are certain techniques for increasing your vehicle's towing capacity. Nevertheless, keep in mind that while improvements can provide a boost to your truck's towing capacity, it's ideal to purchase a vehicle with a suitable towing capacity in order to avoid any complications in the future. 

Any substantial changes to your truck come with possible risks, so it's important to plan this procedure thoroughly to obtain the best outcomes. Your vehicle’s current condition will have a significant impact on its towing capacity. 

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