An Ultimate Guide for Maintenance of Black Cars

Black car

Black cars look so attractive that people prefer to buy a car in black color instead of other colors. The black car also results in enhancing your personality when you come to drive it or come out of it. But it is quite difficult to keep black cars clean because it gets dirty easily. The dirt is clearly visible on it. Moreover, the scratches on a black are also clearly visible.

Here is the guide for maintaining a black car efficiently:

How To Keep Black Cars Clean:

  • Avoid Dry Cleaning

If you want to know how to maintain a black car, make sure you do not dry clean them. The purpose of avoiding dry cleaning is that it can reduce the grace of your car. Moreover, it also results in reducing the gloss of the car and deteriorating the clear coat of the car’s paint. Instead of dry cleaning, you can wash the method of washing every weekend to keep it cleaned and maintained.

  • Use Car Washing Soap

All black cars need regular cleaning so that scratches can be avoided. You should make sure that you do not use detergents containing harmful chemicals for cleaning your black car. Make sure you also do not use dish soap to clean it.

If you have the habit of using dish soap or a detergent with harmful chemicals, it is the right time to change this habit. You should prefer using car washing soap for cleaning your black car. Using car washing soap does not affect the wax job and paint of your car. Such soap has been specially designed for vehicles that are sensitive and require more care than others.

  • Avoid Using Cloth for Cleaning

You should make sure that you do not use a piece of cloth for cleaning your black car. Even if the cloth is dry or wet, do not let it touch your car for the muddy areas of your car. You should rinse all the mud present on your car by your hand first and then use plain running water to clean it all.

After running water over its surface, you can use the standard wet cloth for washing the particular area. It makes sure that no mud particles are stuck with the cleaning cloth. It is also helpful in avoiding scratches. Make sure the piece of cloth is made of cotton fabric.

  • Use Two-Bucket Wash Method

The people having black cars are greatly concerned to know how to maintain the black car as it is quite a difficult task as it needs a lot of attention and time. It is recommended to use the method of two-bucket wash for washing your black car. The purpose of the two buckets is to keep clean soapy water in one bucket and separate dirty rinse water in the other.

If you use only one bucket, the dirt will be contained in the wash bucket where the mitt can pick the dust again from the bucket for cleaning the car. In this way, the dust particles will go back to the surface of your car. As a result, it becomes impossible or difficult to remove all the dust particles from the surface of your black car.

  • Apply Wax to The Car

If you want to maintain your car and want it to last for a long time, you should apply car wax to it. Car wax is considered as the sunscreen for the paint of your car. The car wax plays an important role in protecting your car from the harsh rays of the sun.

The car wash is also helpful in maintaining the exterior shed water along with keeping it shiny. You can apply wax to protect the paint of your car, but you should also check the manual of the owner for its recommendations. Moreover, you should make sure that the car wax is of high quality so that it does not damage your car’s surface.

  • Do Not Get Brushed Automatic Car Washes

The brushed automatic car wash can result in creating scratches on the car. No doubt, it is a method used for scrubbing out all the dirt from the car, but it also has the disadvantage of creating scratches, especially on the black car, so, if the maintenance of a black car requires its owners to avoid brushed automatic car wash.

  • Touchless Car Washes

If you do not know how to clean a car and & how to maintain a black SUV, you should consider a touchless car wash for your black car. It is a method that greatly relies on high-powered jets of water. Moreover, it also relies on strong detergents for cleaning the cars.

This method does not require contacting your car as it is considered a method similar to quick wash. But if you are aware of DIY methods for cleaning your car, you should avoid touchless car wash. It is because it might not be safe for a black car as it contains harsh wash chemicals that can strip away the car wax.

  • Avoid Parking in Open Sun

The maintenance of your black car requires not to be parked in the open sun. It is because the black surface absorbs more sun rays than other colors. The rays of the sun reflecting on the surface of the black car can result in affecting its paint as well as car wax. So, you should always park your car in a shaded area to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.


There are different ways available there to keep black cars clean and maintained as it is very sensitive to everything. It catches the dirt and scratches very easily as compared to other vehicles, that’s why you need to take great care of it. You should wash it at least every weekend so that the dust does not get stuck in any corner of the car. If you do not know how to keep black cars clean or you do not have time for it, you can hire a professional for this purpose. 

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