7 Creative Navy Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas

Blue Bathroom Decor Ideas

You are probably here searching for blue bathroom ideas. We won’t disappoint, you can steal some great navy blue bathroom decor ideas shared here. These ideas can make your bathroom look trendy and exquisite.

You can simply replace your wall tiles, curtains, paint, fabric material, and color scheme into a navy blue color to give a complete change to your bathroom. Getting into more details, some of the creative blue bathroom ideas that will change overall appearance are as follow,

1. Applying Blue Accent Wallpaper

accent wallpaper

The things which are used to give your bathroom a blue accent look include changing the wallpaper. Although adding a complete blue color to your bathroom might make it look simple and dull. By using printed blue wallpaper will add more attractiveness and will brighten up the bathroom environment.

2. Adding Blue Stripe Of Navy Tiles

blue stripe tiles

Stripe of sky-blue tiles will represent the simple and elegant perfection of your bathroom. While applying sky blue tiles according to the ceiling color might reflect a perfect look of navy stripe tiles, the accessories like a soapbox, stool, bulb holders must also be replaced in a navy blue color to improve your bathroom view.

3. Adding Versatility Of Blue

idea of versatility of blue

When it comes to giving a navy blue décor to your property bathroom, complete versatility must be added in giving blue decor to your bathroom. Some of the main items are replaced i.e. the color of brick or tiles, and metal duct closing is turned to navy blue so it will completely reshape your old bathroom into a new one. Adding navy blue décor is not much expensive but giving it a unique look will attract more people to get an idea about navy blue décor to their bathrooms.

4. Using Backsplash Of Blue Tile


Although your washroom is a little bit small. But you can enhance it by making some minor changes that will completely redesign it. You can turn your small bathroom into a blue one by using a backsplash of blue tile for flooring, switchboards, and applying backsplash for wall tiles to make it redefined.

5. Using The Electric Blue Effect

blue light shower

The electric blue effect will brighten up your bathroom and make it look more attractive. The electric blue effect design includes changing outdated curtains, showers, mirror cases, and using electric blue paint on walls, or the use of electric blue wallpaper. The concept of electric blue décor is just as simple as you recreate your old bathroom at a very low cost.

6. Applying Blue Color On Bathroom Cabinets

By simply applying or painting your simple cabinets in blue color will add more perfection to your décor ideas. The most probably things which are replaced in painting your cabinets in blue include changing all door and cabinets color, changing wood frames of cabinets. These all items are applied with a navy blue color so they might look different from other bathrooms in your house.

7. Blue Fabric Items & Wood Work

blue curtains

In the list of navy blue bathroom decor ideas comes replacing simple fabric items of the bathroom with navy blue color scheme items. Upgrading of woodworks with a blue scheme can also enhance the beauty of the bathroom.

Getting An Idea With Help Of Professionals

While you are working on an idea to give your outdated bathroom a modern, unique and elegant navy blue décor, then you must consult with the décor professionals so they will completely redesign or reshape your bathroom with a navy blue décor. These professionals offer multiple blue bathroom ideas and services at a reasonable price. The things which they will do in blue bathroom décor are:

  • Removal of outdated material
  • Replacing your floor
  • Replacing of bathtubs, and toilet seats
  • Replacing your wall tiles with navy blue color
  • Changing the color of your bathroom ceiling
  • Applying a navy blue color scheme


The bathroom is the most important part of a house which needs to look amazing and beautiful. These navy blue bathroom decor ideas are to help you out. However, ideas need execution for which you need experienced professionals. Topspot 101 proves useful yet again. You may use our directory to find great local remodeling contractors.