Ideas For Painting House Foundation

Painting the house foundation

Paint can do wonders for your house foundation. Even if the foundation is deteriorating and looks ugly, choosing the right materials can restore the curb appeal of your house. But have you ever wondered about the right colors to paint your house foundation? If you are worried about how to pick a suitable color to paint your house foundation, it is quite easy with our guide. In general, painting the house foundation is also important like coloring internal parts of the house. Coloring the foundation of any house not only enhances the beauty of the house but also protects it from dirt and moisture.

Here, this article will help you with color choice for painting house foundations.

Colors To Paint House Foundation

The choice of colors expresses our inner self creatively. We enjoy experimenting with colors in everything, whether it is for interior or exterior decoration. After painting the entire house, it is challenging to find suitable colors for painting the house foundation portion. You may overlook that section to paint and leave it just the same during the painting period. The best way is to think about foundation color at the beginning. Here are a few ideas to choose from.

Bright White

White is one of the most popular choices for residential and commercial painting. It enlivens all the other colors on it and looks equally mesmerizing in its basic shade. White blends well with almost every color combination. The dazzling white painted foundation looks nice with a grey, black, yellow, light shade of blue, and green. Add more charm and cohesion to your house by painting sidings and trimming the house in white. If you have colorful flowers in your garden, they will look more pleasant to the eyes.

Blue And Its Many Hues

Blue paint color comes in a variety of shades which make it perfect for both external and internal home decoration. Either match dark or light shades with grey, off- white or light yellows. You can also paint your windows with contrasting colors to highlight the visible cement walls of the foundation.

Mix Different Colors

Mix different colors to make interesting combinations. Be it your house walls, concrete or cement pillars, stone-based side, or walking pavement of house, a unique combination can brighten up your house exterior. For example, assuming that the entire house is painted in red, green, and blue, pick some different tones to paint outer regions such as the foundation of your house.

Dark And Light Contrast Color

Using contrasting colors is a fantastic idea for house painting even it is for the foundation parts of the house. The dark color blends nicely with matching light colors, especially if you have chosen the right texture.

If the house is painted in green, purple, grey, black, red, or indigo, the foundation areas will look great if they are painted in light colors such as off-white or light grey. Light shades of the same hue as well as contrasting colors can work wonders.

Pair Browns With Lively White Or Yellow

Brown looks great when paired with lively white or yellow. This color combination offers a bright house look. Go happily against neutral colors! If you haven’t seen it before, yellow in light shade or sunny shade makes brown more interesting to look at.

Classic Black And White

You can never turn out to go wrong with high contrasts such as black and white. White looks appealing on the fascia, trim, or siding of any dark-painted house. Put classic black on the rest to create a classy and desirable look.

Tips To Remember While Painting The House Foundation

Painting the foundation is slightly different from painting anything else inside or outside of your home. The choice of a few materials can make or break the game for anyone attempting house foundation painting on their own. The best tip is to use exterior masonry paint. Always apply the paint using a roller with a nap at least 3/4″ thick. This allows fine application of paint into all the nooks and crannies.

Determine the texture of the foundation before painting it. 1/8 — ¼-inch thick rollers are suitable for ultra-smooth surfaces. Varnished, water or oil-based paints work equally well. 3/4 inch is a multi-purpose roller nap length perfect for semi-rough surfaces whereas 1 — 1.5 inch thick piles are for surfaces such as split face concrete block and rough stucco.

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