Screened Pool Enclosures Pros & Cons

Image of a screened pool

A nice swim can brighten up your day like nothing else! But have you ever wondered if your house pool should have a screened enclosure or not? You most probably have as you are reading this post. We have compiled a brief account of the advantages and disadvantages of having a screened pool enclosure. Before we sort out the screened pool enclosures pros and cons, let us have a look at what a screened pool enclosure is!

What Is a Screen Pool Enclosure?

Screen enclosures are screen structures that are typically made of aluminum installed as a barrier around the pool area. They are quite durable and also light in weight and hence have many useful benefits for the homeowners.

The choice of installing a screen enclosure usually comes down to the individual homeowners' preference since this is not the best idea for all swimming pools. Are you wondering why are pools screened in Florida? They are common in Florida because of pool safety requirements. As the summers are long and harsh there, the screening lowers water temperatures substantially and prevents excessive evaporation. Moreover, the screens keep out the wind-blown debris and bugs.

When it comes to swimming pools, screening offers a variety of health and emotional benefits for you. For instance, while you take a peaceful nap or indulge in something like reading a book this will help in safeguarding your privacy. Other than looking at the obvious benefits, you need to consider its cons to determine if is right for your particular property. Here is what you need to know.

Pros Of Screened Pool Enclosures

1. Safety

A screened-in pool is more secure as you can swim or relax without any worries. It serves as fencing thus protecting your children and other family members as they enjoy the pool water. And it is equally effective in keeping other people out of the poll if they are wandering around and plan to take a top without permission or supervision.

2. Protection From Skin Damages

If there is anyone thing that screened pool enclosures will provide, it is protection from skin damages. It is no secret that sunlight can increase wrinkling and increase the chance of getting skin cancer. A screened-in pool eradicates the discomfort of scorching hot sun and the danger of skin damages caused by extended sun exposure.

3. Screened Pool Requires Low Maintenance

As screened enclosures will keep out the sun, your pool water will have fewer algae growth along the walls of the swimming pool. This will shorten your cleaning session for the removal of the algae. Your pool stays cleaner and healthier throughout the summer season. You can get help from professionals as well for the maintenance of your screened pool. Moreover, the screening will keep out debris thus fewer leaves will clutter your water. Discussing screened pool enclosures pros and cons one of the most unpleasant things a screened enclosure protects your pool from is bird droppings lurking in the water. You will not have to worry about filters getting clogged as often.

4. Protects Against the Wind

Wind can be the nemesis of anyone trying to relax by the pool! Worry not as a pool enclosure provides a lot of wall space and effectively blocks wind gusts.

5. Increased Energy Efficiency

Along with the protection from the sun, a screened enclosure increases the energy efficiency of your home. The screen provides a significant amount of protection against evaporation. Due to the less water loss, there is no need to continuously top-off the pump.

6. Privacy

The screened enclosure allows you to enjoy your very own private pool. Being able to swim out of view of neighbors is a luxury many pool owners cannot enjoy. Even if swimming out in the open does not bother you, there is something spa-like about having an enclosure. On silent mornings this effect is amplified.

7. Healthier And Clean

Mosquitoes are among the modern health hazards! A screened enclosure ensures that you and your loved ones remain protected against them and the diseases carried by them. This particular benefit should not be underestimated as diseases such as the West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis can make you sick or even send you to the intensive care unit!

8. Budget-Friendly

In simple words, you save a decent amount with a screened enclosure that is being installed around your pool. You save cash on electricity, and you are also able to save an amount on water. Additionally, the money for cleaning the pool is also being saved. Lastly, you won’t have to spend on filters as they will not be getting clogged by twigs and other things blown due to the wind.

9. Turns Your House into Something Special!

Talking about screened pool enclosures pros and cons, a pool enclosure that is attached to the home turns a regular house with a pool into something special. If you ever decide to sell the screened pool, it will create more marketing appeal and draw more people to your home.

An attached enclosure also enables you to open kitchen windows to your patio without inviting a horde of bugs into your living area. With lots of fresh air, you can enjoy your home a little more.

Cons Of Screened Pool Enclosures

1. Cooler Pool Water

The screened enclosure protects you and the pool water from the sun so the water in your pool will suffer a dip in temperature. The water might feel colder during the early morning and evening hours. In some cases, you might want to invest in a pool heater to maintain the water at an ideal temperature. This could translate to an increase in your utility bill.

2. Obstructs View

Some homeowners do not choose to invest in a screened-in enclosure because it might obstruct some of the views. But most enclosures also have expansive window areas that allow for a wide field of view.

3. Can Limit the Movement Around Pool

In some cases, the screened enclosures can limit the movement around people. Arranging a party around such a pool can be a little trickier!

So, what do you think? Have you decided whether to install a screened enclosure or not? If you are planning to install one or consult professional contractors for more information, visit our web directory the Topspot 101 for finding the best pool companies in your area. Visit us today.