What is an Image Consultant and How to Become a Successful Image Consultant?

Picture of an image consultant doing consultancy of a woman

With the globe becoming more global, there is a growing demand for image consultants that can assist people in becoming more confident and projecting a long-lasting image in order to attain success. 

As a result, image consultancy is one of the most in-demand careers of the twenty-first century. Furthermore, becoming an image consultant does not require a specific qualification or that you be a certain age. 

The profession of image consultant began in the early 1980s. The field has grown to include a lot more than just fashion. Communication, interview skills, personal branding, body language, and presentation are now all part of it. 

We'll try to address your queries regarding all the basic information you need to know regarding image consultancy as a profession. The steps do you need to take to become an image consultant? As well as available courses and consulting certification for image consultants. This raises the following question…

What Is an Image Consultant?

An image consultant is a professional that helps customers create their image in a way that is consistent with their personal or professional objectives. They don't just help customers improve or upgrade their physical appearance. 

They also help them improve their interpersonal skills so they may feel more confident and show themselves in the best possible light. This job allows you to be flexible and personalize your services to your own interests.

How to Become an Image Consultant: Step-By-Step Guide

First, examine yourself to see if you're a good fit 

It's critical to be certain that you're making the best selection possible. So, before you decide to become an Image Consultant, consider the following:

  • Do I want to make a difference in people's lives through counseling and training?
  • Am I self-assured and an effective public speaker?
  • Do I have excellent communication abilities?
  • Am I a stickler for the finer points of a situation?
  • Do I have a good sense of style when it comes to dressing?

Get the relevant education and certification

Getting the necessary education is the second step toward becoming an image consultant. It is critical, as with any domain, that you receive your education from a recognized, associated, and legitimate image management institute.

Check whether the institute's image consulting course is accredited by AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) to ensure its authenticity. It's the largest independent professional association of Image consultants and trainers in the world. 

It is dedicated to raising the bar in the Image Management sector in terms of education and professionalism. This assures that applicants interested in starting a career in image consulting have the best possible education and training.

Above all, examine the course curriculum and determine what distinguishes the course from those offered by other institutes. You can enroll in the course once you've completed the verification process.

Moreover, the majority of colleges and institutions do not offer image consulting as a degree program. There are certificates available to get official acknowledgement of your abilities and skill set.

While formal certification isn't usually required for a position, it can help you establish credibility as a consultant and expand your client base. Image consultants with an emphasis on beauty-related services are frequently licensed estheticians or cosmetologists.

Locate your area of expertise 

Grooming, styling, public speaking, presenting, shopping advice, and many more topics are covered in image consulting courses. This gives you the opportunity to pursue a variety of glitzy careers. You can choose possibilities that will help you to grow based on your strengths and availability.

One of the best things about becoming an image consultant is that you may choose from a variety of glamorous careers and keep things fresh. Here are some of the professional paths that an image consulting certification can lead to:

  • Celebrity stylist
  • Wedding consultant
  • Personality development
  • Event stylist 
  • Grooming and etiquette coach
  • Corporate image consulting 
  • Makeover consultant
  • Personal stylist

Take part in related workshops and classes

A background in allied subjects such as beauty, fashion design or merchandising, psychology, marketing, or communications is advantageous for image consultants. 

These subjects can give you a wide range of useful knowledge and abilities that you can apply to your career as an image consultant. This level is very important for individuals pursuing certificates because it establishes a firm foundation of knowledge. 

Many image consultants are self-employed, and pursuing business courses like business management or entrepreneurship might help them succeed.

Obtain relevant work experience

Getting experience in roles linked to image consultancy is a wonderful method to improve your skills. 

A sales associate in a clothing store, a personal shopper or stylist at a department store, a beauty consultant at a makeup counter, or a hairstylist are all examples of relevant positions. 

These positions allow you to gain hands-on experience advising and working with clients.

Lastly, networking to seal the deal!

In order to become an image specialist, you must network. It's possible that you'll need to work with other professionals. You may need to speak with professionals in adjacent fields such as event planning, photography, and media. 

To attract new clients, you'll need to establish a portfolio. To grow your portfolio, give a complimentary image consultation service to friends or family. Hence, if you're just starting off, you'll need to establish an internet presence.