7 Effortless Tips For a Mold Free Home

mold on a wall

The mold and mildew exist where there is water leakage, flood water damage, moisture inside the room, and blockage of roof gutters. Mold not only smells awful but is also the reason for several respiratory issues and damage to human health. The removal of mold and mildew must be sorted out as fast as it appears. Usually, mold grows in places where moisture exists like bathrooms, in the kitchen, basement, and crawl spaces. Mold also damages your furniture, kitchen cabinets, and walls. So, to prevent these damages here are some of the tips to remove mold from your home.

1. Removal of Moisture

As mold is a bacteria-like fungus that grows in places where water moisture exists. Moisture inside the walls and floor are feasible for the growth of mold. To prevent any certain damage, the moisture from these walls must be cleaned out and must be dried out by the use of vacuum pumps. 

2. Fixing Leaks

The water leaking from the pipe is also another reason for mold growth. As the leaking water gets absorbed in the walls and produces moisture issues, so if you find any water leak pipe then you must repair it at once, so it will not cause an issue of mold or mildew to grow. For a mold free home fixing all leaking pipes is crucial.

3. Fix After Flood Water for Mold Free Home

Usually, flood water contains some harmful bacteria which produces the extent growth of mold. So, if your house faces any flood water damage, then you must get help from professional mold removal to get your house checked and locate for any mold growth inside your home.

4. Proper Ventilation System

Usually, the reason behind mold growth is the non-availability of a proper ventilation system. This produces humidity inside your home and causes issues in breathing, and lung problems. A proper ventilation system is required by installing exhaust fans so they might reduce humidity from the air as well as ensure a mold free home and avoid causing harmful effects on your health.

5. Cleaning of Air

If you feel some awful smell and non-essential atmosphere in your home, then you must call mold removals to make them find the reason behind this awful atmosphere. This is usually because of mold grow which might be hazardous to your health. They will carefully disinfect the air particle inside your home to make it a safe place to live a healthy life.

6. Reducing Use of Carpet in Basement

The basements in the house have less ventilation, lower humidity, and more moisture than the outer side. The mold can grow under your carpet because of all these reasons. As the groundwater seeps through it and produces bacterial parts of mold or mildew. So, simply reducing the use of carpets in the basement can cut the effect of mold.

7. Sealing OF OPEN DUCTS

A home might contain a duct through which air will flow effectively. The air in ducts drops moisture and causes mold to grow. In case of making your home a mold-free home, you must check for the open ducts and make them close by using stoppers, etc. so the chance of mold growth might be reduced.

Many people buy new or used houses to make a life in. When a person buys a new or old house, he/she must inspect that house for any symptoms of mold growth. Here are some of the tips for checking mold growth when someone buys a new or used house.

Conduct An Inspection for Mold Checkup

When a person buys a new house, he must apply mold-killing agents to prevent it from any mold growth in the future. The owner must work for the proper ventilation, air moisture filtering, fixing between the wall gaps, and conduct a timely inspection for mold checkup. Things that must be considered by new house owner are:

  • Making heated basement
  • Working of proper roof gutters
  • Using exhaust fans in the basement
  • Putting gaps between appliances and walls

How To Find Mold In A House?

If an owner buys a used or existing house, then he must contact a mold inspection company, so they will check it and make it a good and healthy place to live in. The homeowner can also trace any symptoms of mold growth by looking for:

  • Broken or leaking pipes
  • Water damage to the house
  • Gaps in walls and ceiling
  • Moisture in the walls
  • Leaking of pipes beneath the floor
  • The irregular shape of the roof
  • Symptoms of low humidity and breathing problems


Whenever you buy a new or used house, you must take precautionary measures to prevent mold to grow and make your home a mold-free home. By seeking help from mold removals, you can easily make your home a clean and better place to live as they will completely check your house for any mold symptoms and will get it removed within no time.