Plumbing Problems In Old Houses


New is not necessarily always better. Age should not certainly be a justification to stop moving into the house of your dreams. Also, if you have been residing in the same place for many decades and continue to live comfortably there, then why downgrade or upgrade to something else? Though old houses do come with difficulties for the home services industry. There are numerous plumbing problems in old houses.

Provided all the improvements in the plumbing trade in the past few decades alone, it’s no surprise that sometimes it is hard for older tools to keep up. Particularly considering the changing requirements of your household and the typical wear and tear that happens in any house over the years.

Fortunately, there are a lot of plumbing services available to help. You need to keep reading this article to look out for the two common plumbing problems in old houses.

Old houses present significant challenges when attempting to find ways for services. There are always a few convenient or natural tubes. The prime reason for this is that such stuff did not require consideration when the building was constructed.

The major problem when it comes to the plumbing inductions fits the waste and supply pipes. Though, it is essential to keep in mind that plenty of modern plumbing equipment needs wiring also. A big project will possibly include electrical work anyway, and it is always best if the two elements move forward hand in hand.

Restoring the pipework will generally involve eliminating the existing system and replacing it with fresh runs within the walls and beneath the floorboards.


#1 Outdated Connections and Fixtures

Indeed, nothing lasts eternally. Older houses often have fixtures, faucets, and supply wire connections approaching the end of their life expectancy. General wear and tear and corrosion can direct to little water flow, damage knobs, and leaks that make simply utilizing water in the building a complication at best and a costly disaster at worst.

While many people try to “get by” by neglecting to plumb, things possess a way of severing at the worst possible time. No one likes to return from vacation to see that the corroded water line valve under the sink ultimately failed. Lastly, it caused thousands of dollars in restoring the water damage.

Preventive maintenance is the best treatment for avoiding general wear and tear that can have costly fixup down the road. Even if you DIY your plumbing examination, it’s crucial to have an honest, experienced plumber examine your house’s plumbing annually. A professional will have the training and proper tools to look for the plumbing problems in old houses that most homeowners might skip.

#2 Faulty Sewer Lines/Root Intrusion

Your sewer lines might be out of sight, but they must not be out of mind. Additionally to bullying, your sewer unit will probably confront way more plumbing problems in older houses. It might include clogs and sediment build-up in your lines. Also, it could be a tree root intrusion.

Root intrusion happens when the shrubs or trees in your lawn take the moisture from your sewer pipes and grow around and even into the lines. It can result in sewer water leaks and severe clogs, which make root intrusion a severe problem. For this issue, you need to hire professionals, and they better know how to update the plumbing system in an old house.

How Much Does A plumbing System Replacement or Upgrade Costs?

You must know the cost to replace the plumbing in an old house. Replacing or upgrading a damaged, old, or corroding system can be a worthy expense. The price might sometimes skyrocket thousands of dollars for big houses (say $20,000 a rough estimate)

The cost of replacing or upgrading a plumbing system in an old house is high due to several reasons. For example, the fact that you may have to open your floors and walls for the replacement. To curtail the cost, you can go for a visual inspection of the plumbing system. Here, the plumbing professional inspects your vulnerable pipes to see if they possess any indications of corrosion.

Also, The small upgrades and replacements may cost you a few thousand dollars, because it is not necessary that your old house requires the whole plumbing system replaced.


When it comes to induction, you should think about the location of the pipes and ensure they won’t destroy crucial features or structural components. On finding plumbing problems in old houses, look out for ways on how to update the plumbing in an old house and be careful while doing it. Hiring professionals are highly recommended. You also need to look out to make new services removable and easy to reach. The reason for this is that wiring and plumbing need to be maintained regularly and occasionally replaced. If you’re handling pipes that are under timber floors, be careful while lifting the boards.

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