A Guide for Absolute Screen Door Measurements

Screen Door

The hot and humid days of summer end are somewhat tolerable when you have a screen door that allows a cool evening breeze in the house. It is equally effective in keeping pesky insects out. If it’s time to replace the screen door, it is essential to get the measurements right. 

Getting the right measurements means you purchase the right sized door and hence there is no risk of your money going to waste. Once you have the right figures, you can take them to a professional screen door manufacturer or a door supplier to find the right fit. 

Before we dig into the steps of taking screen door measurements, understand these technical terms.

Trim: It is a decorative frame generally made up of wood. Trim is also known as “brick molding” for houses that are brick or have siding. You will be mounting your screen door on this frame.

Jamb: The vertical components of the door frame located behind the trim make up the door jamb. The front door is mounted on this part. The edge of the jamb also acts as the doorstop of your screen door.

Door Sill: The part of the door that sits directly beneath the door. Typically, the door sill is made up of plastic or wood.

Now that you know the terms for how to measure a screen door, the following are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1

The first step is to find a trusty measuring tape for taking accurate screen door measurements. Either keep a real or virtual notepad nearby to note down the measurements. Make sure that all the measurements are recorded in inches. The door must be well lit so you don’t make any mistakes while recording the height and width of the screen door.  

Step 2

Screen door measurements should be started with three measurements for width. Start from the top and measure between the edges of both vertical parts of the door trim. Be as accurate as possible and record the figure as “measurement 1” in your notepad. Repeat the process for the middle and bottom of the door and record them as “measurement 2” and “measurement 3” respectively. If there is any difference in these three values, take the widest of them all as this is the actual width of your door.

Step 3

The next step is to measure the height of the door. You will be measuring between the door sill and the inside of the top trim. Make sure there is some space between the door sill and the screen door to allow easy movement of the door. For slanted door sills, measure the lowest part that will rest beneath the screen door. Start from the left side and record the measurement as “measurement 4”. Repeat the process for the center and right side of the door. Note the values as “measurement 5” and “measurement 6” respectively. Highlight the tallest of three readings as this is the actual height.

It is recommended to stick with the largest of the measurements; it is very hard to add wood. Whereas trimming off wood from your new screen door is always possible.

Step 4

Are you curious about how to measure for a screen door, when you are sure that you have accurate screen door measurements, subtract 1⁄4 inch from each measurement for clearance? It is important to allow for the 1⁄8-inch clearance between the screen door and the frame. As you subtract 1⁄4 inch from both the height and the width, you’ll have the accurate size for the door.

For instance, if the width of the door measures 36 ¼ inches and the height measures 84 ¼ inches, you should look for a screen door that's 36 inches wide and 84 inches in height.

Step 5

While measuring for a screen door, now you are ready to place your order for a screen door. Keep a record of the measurements with you for future reference. While it is important to focus on accuracy, rest assured that most of the screen doors have a built-in trimming tolerance to allow for a margin of human error.

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