How to Network the Right Way for Maximum Painting Leads

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When you are an artist or an amateur painter, playing with colors may seem fun and soothing. But a business that needs to make ends meet by painting walls and surfaces, it takes effort and dedication to start from day one. Finding the right clients, or new clients for that matter requires extensive marketing across multiple forums. It starts from hustling with prospects and then working through painting leads until you close a deal.

In this post, we will share some insights regarding networking your brand the right way and finding leads in a hassle-free and seamless manner.

Start Building a List

Social media is ripe for marketing and many leading brands across the board are generating an unprecedented level of revenue from these platforms. Some say that email marketing is dead and dusted, but this is not true - at all.

When you are a painting business looking for leads, it starts from building connections with companies and businesses that are non-competitive but complementary. For instance, it pays to have at least three contacts in businesses such as realtors, roofers, plumbers, cabinet installers, flooring companies, etc. You can start by setting up a bi-monthly newsletter. This is an excellent way to show those businesses your achievements, short and long-term goals, and other developments happening in your painting business sphere.

This oozes professionalism and effort and can lead to serious referrals and lead generation. The idea that a company has taken the time and effort to address other businesses ensures your place among the “big dogs” of the game.

Set Up Meet & Greet

It is not your common meet and greets where a celebrity addresses a crowd. It is more like meeting with people in your community for a lunch. You can set up a meeting with a couple of individuals from various fields and then put them together on a table.

Over the course of your meal, you can lay out your cards in a professional and cordial manner and let them know what you are up to. This is a sure-fire way to construct positive and lasting relations with people in your community. They will know and see you in the future as someone who is professional and serious about his work.

Your investing time and money for socialization also allow you to learn changing trends across the business sphere.

Connect With Organizations for Exposure

There are a number of organizations dedicated to painters and their networking. When you are looking for exposure and community-building among your own, this is a place to start. But if you are just starting out, it is best to stay put and look for organizations that are at the fringes of your work and do not deal with the same core services that you are offering.

Start with trade organizations, including petroleum and private schools. You can connect with them easily and they can help you in achieving your goals by connecting you with your prospective clients.

Once you are set in the right direction, then you can spread your wings and flock with your kind. Until then, it is best to connect with other professionals through email newsletters and lists and ensure to let them know of your presence in the industry.

Offer Value Before Receiving

Instead of attending lengthy sessions of organizations with less-than-optimal results, you can set up one of your own. There is no denying that it will take an effort in terms of time and hassle, but you can get quick results in the form of leads. It starts by banding together with non-competitive, complementary service providers in your area. This allows community building across various industries. All of the participants have the latest information regarding developments in other fields. For instance, if a painter from your organization gets a job at a place where owners want new floors, he can instantly connect them with one of the roofing companies in your organization.

This way, it ensures trust-building and paves ways for surplus leads that you can outsource when you have got your hands full. Lead generation is tricky as you may have to think on your heels many times. You can start the lead generation work easily by setting up a list. Try to make a small one and then grow it from there. This way, you can have multiple accounts and have less worry. Then there is community building through organizations and meet and greets.

These are, again, excellent ways to get your foot in the door. In the end, it takes effort in the long term to set up an almost autonomous lead generation mechanism. Also, we cannot neglect the importance of free business directories such as Topspot 101 when it comes to securing leads.