How to Utilize Insect Repellant Paint

A girl painting a wall

When it comes to house renovation, painting happens to be the best solution. It is not only the most affordable solution but it’s a project you can undertake with just a little bit of patience and elbow grease. However, have you ever wondered about things paint can do outside of just enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house? Given the right materials, a professional paint job can add so much more than color to your home.

When done right, paint can help protect your house walls against weather and insects. For some, it may come as a surprise but there are several ways a professional paint job can help safeguard your house from potentially expensive damages.

What follows is a brief description of the issues that can be prevented with good-quality exterior paint.

Prevents Moisture

All kinds of paint are mainly made up of four components. There are pigments, binders, solvents, and different additives to enhance the different qualities of paint. Aptly named, the binders work to bind the pigment and other molecules together to create a film that is generally water repellent in nature. Every homeowner understands that when moisture gets into the wooden sidings, doors, or window frames, it becomes a breeding ground for problems like mold and rot. In many cases, moisture penetrates the surface of wood due to poorly applied or chipped paint. Soon it begins to break down the structural integrity of the wood and if left untreated, the damages can be incredibly expensive to fix.

A simple way to prevent moisture from getting into all kinds of wooden structures in your home is to properly apply good-quality paint preferably insect repellant paint. To make things easier for you, several modern exterior paints are specially designed to wick away moisture. The weather protection components in these paint products keep your home safe from elements like rain, snow, and rot.

Minimizes Mold and Mildew Issues

One of the most troublesome dangers of moisture penetrating the wood of your house is that it can lead to unsafe molds and mildew growth. Although many kinds of mold only impact the curb appeal at first, certain species can be extremely hazardous to the health of house residents. Be it your pets, kids, or other loved ones, all of them are at risk. Thus, you must prevent its growth at all costs. If you have never dealt with mold growth in your home, you will be surprised to know that hazardous molds can also be very costly to remove once they have taken hold in your house.

A properly chosen painting material for instance insect repellant paint can help prevent mold from ever making roots into the flooring or walls of your house. Inspect your house for peeling, chips, or cracks. With an intact paint film over the walls, there is nowhere for moisture to enter and potentially hazardous mold to grow. Experts suggest hiring a professional painting company because only properly applied paint can act as a line of defense against dangerous elements.

Reduce Insect Damage Through the Use of Insect Repellant Paint

Being a homeowner it’s easy to understand the fight we put up against insects. No matter how sealed and protected you think your home is, it appears that there are always entry spaces for bugs to get in. In certain cases, these critters can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of the house. For instance, if termites, enter your house they can be extremely detrimental to the wood.

A professional painter will ensure to seal your house against insects by covering cracks or open spaces around your windows and doors using paint that repels bugs.  You can enhance the protection of your house by using materials such as caulking. But beware as caulking materials tend to deteriorate over time and allow moisture and insects in the house. Be a proactive homeowner and inspect them regularly. Reapply when necessary. When you are putting on a new coat of paint, it is the perfect time to fix caulking and insulation issues. It will also help keep the nasty pests at bay, somewhere they belong.

Regular Inspections Are Crucial for Your House Safety

Are you struggling to single out the best way to protect your house against weather elements and insects? Regular inspection is the answer. Check your house for any chips or cracks in the paint and ensure that no moisture or water has accumulated in the damaged areas. If you find any signs of mold or rot, your safest bet is to get it inspected by a professional as soon as possible. A reliable professional painter will also inform you if they find mold growth, or if they see a potential spot where it could develop.

Hire Professional Assistance

If you want to make the best of your investment, hire a competent painting company in your area for the best usage of paint that repels bugs. Industry-trained professionals can help you protect your place from all kinds of damage and deterioration with a professional paint job. You may opt to use insect repellant paint. Visit Topspot101 to find the most reliable painting companies in your area.