How to Stand Out While Starting a Painting Business with No Experience?

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Just like other industries, the painting industry offers fierce competition to anyone owning a painting company. Running a successful painting company requires an uphill fight against various challenges to set your business apart from the competition. To be the best among the rest, you have to take that extra mile in this arduous journey.

The standards are higher as compared to the past because contemporary buyers are more educated than ever before. This has placed immense pressure on all kinds of businesses to step up and adhere to their values. You will need a foolproof way to stand out, get noticed and obtain a sizable portion of market share. In today’s world, you must know a lot more than painting techniques. You must understand a customer’s needs and be effective at communication to be known as the best painting contractor.

If all of your efforts are going in vain while starting a painting business with no experience and you keep losing lucrative contracts to your competitors, it’s time to assess your marketing ideas for the painting business of your company.  If it is not driving profit growth, it needs to be fixed. You can always hire a team of professional marketing experts to ace the competition. Topspot101 has business listings of the best marketing experts to help you.

What follows is a useful guide with the top four ways to stand out from your competitors as a professional painting company.

Be Confident in Your Communications

Confidence is a superpower. One of the most common places painting contractors go wrong while starting a painting business with no experience is depending solely on their painting skills and expertise. Know that it is difficult for your potential customers to fully understand your skill level based on testimonials and pictures alone. Being a reliable painter, you need to make it easier for your customers to trust you.

In order to close the deal, you’ll have to be confident in your communication and should know a bit about marketing ideas for the painting business. You may be the most skilled painting contractor in the entire world, but if you don’t appear as confident during a sales pitch, the client is likely to go to someone more confident about their work. Here are a few tricks to show confidence to your customers.

  • Be honest about the product and services knowledge.
  • Anticipate the needs and requirements of the customer to build trust.
  • Be empathetic and try to solve your customer’s problems.
  • Teach instead of selling.
  • Stay updated about your industry.

Don’t Reduce Your Service Charges for The Sake of Winning Bids

There may have been a time in the past when lowering your prices was the best way to remain competitive. Contrary to popular belief, reducing your service charges does not make your business trustworthy. In fact, several clients are aware and view a price that is significantly lower than other bids with alarm. That’s because incompetent companies have used this technique to lure customers.

While several contractors immediately lower their bids when competing for a job they need, this approach should generally be avoided. As an alternative, consider offering additional services for little to no cost. For instance, you could offer to clean the painting area after job completion, pressure cleans the deck or sidewalk, clean the gutters, or remove cobwebs from the ceiling.

Offering additional services for a reduced cost is an effective way to distinguish your company without compromising your base price. Here is one of the most trusted tips for marketing. Add words like “free” when marketing or advertising the additional services at the same cost. This word is known to lower the barrier of entry for the consumer to your company.

Be Creative, Engaging, And Personable

There are no second chances in first impressions. Your potential clients will make a decision whether they will hire you or not based on their interactions with you. Even if you’re the best painter in your market, being unable to be engaging and personable with customers will likely lead them to take their business to a competitor.

People want to work with professionals who are friendly and pleasant to be around. Thus, it’s crucial to be an active listener during your conversations with clients and show a genuine interest in their concerns and issues. Let them know that you care about their business or residential property by taking the time to listen and comprehend their requirements.

Offers Guarantee for Your Services and Create an Instant Trust

It may not come as a surprise to you but the majority of business transactions are based on trust—clients are more likely to hire painting contractors they trust. Professional painters can create instant trust with customers by using their “word” as a selling point while they are starting a painting business with no experience. Be responsible for the work and stand behind your work with confidence.

If you ensure your clients that you won’t charge them until they’re completely satisfied with your work, you build immediate trust. This could sway their decision in your direction. When you offer guarantees for each of your painting jobs, you are already standing out from your competition because several painting companies do not go to this length.

While starting a painting business with no experience this strategy also means that you must raise the bar for your staff. Stepping up to the standards is only possible if each of your staff members is working at their best. Tell your crew that they won’t get paid if you don’t get paid. This incentivizes or encourages them to deliver their highest quality work. Such a competitive environment in your company creates a win-win scenario for everyone. Your clients get a high-quality paint job and you keep on winning painting projects.

Schedule A Consultation with A Painting Marketing Experts

The challenges or hardships you face while starting a painting business with no experience in becoming successful business owners can be converted into opportunities. And that’s possible by scheduling consultations with painting marketing experts.  We’re here to help to take your business to the next level. Visit our online business directory to find the marketing experts for your company. They can help you gain contracts that provide profitable returns and develop the revenue streams you always dreamed of.