Instagram for Painting Business Marketing

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If you own a painting business, you understand the importance of choosing the right colors and the impact of visual stimulation. Utilizing Instagram as a marketing platform for your business is just the right thing to do. Whether you have an account on Instagram or not, this guide is designed to help you harness the power of Instagram.

Just for starters, there are 1.074 billion Instagram users worldwide by the end of 2021 and still counting.

Unsurprisingly, Instagram is considered one of the most powerful marketing platforms for businesses. With the right marketing strategy, it can be used to build your profits as well as increase brand awareness. Over 70 percent of American businesses are using the platform already so it is incredibly important to make the best use of it.

Instagram holds incredible value for marketing a painting business. If you want to get hired, it is important to stay up-to-date with the trending communication strategies of today. And that means having an effective and engaging Instagram presence. To stand out from your competition and to reach new customers, painting contractors must showcase their values and services on Instagram in a creative way.

We understand if you are a painting contractor struggling to navigate the marketing landscape. It’s not easy, especially when you are working on limited budgets. Get in touch with expert business coaches to generate quality leads and grow your profits. Other than that, outlined below are some useful tips for utilizing Instagram for painting business marketing and increasing revenues.

Attract Users with Hashtags – Painting Business Marketing

Like several other social medial platforms, hashtags are the primary means of content discovery on Instagram. Many active users on this platform search for content using specific hashtags. The best practice is to include 10-15 hashtags at the bottom of your message. It's an effective way to drive targeted traffic to your content without being spammy.

Start by finding highly searched hashtags in your content and that needs to be done on regular basis. You can use tools such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and Hastagify to browse relevant hashtags with high search volumes and include them in your posts. Use a broad and interesting range of hashtags to attract a wide range of audiences. Make sure you are also including the latest trending hashtags.

Attract Local Customers with Geo-Tags

Considering the number of users, Instagram is a very large digital platform. Geotagging is an interesting feature of Instagram that can help you to grow your following and boost interactions. When you use geo-tags in your posts and mark your location, you are making your business searchable to people in your area and community.

The function of geo-tagging is to allow your photo to be found anytime an Instagram user clicks on the same geotag on another photo. It's a great way to connect with local clients looking for your services.

It is no secret that local clientele is the lifeblood of newly established painting businesses. Furthermore, use local hashtags to engage with other businesses in your area. This localizes your Instagram presence.

Encourage Your Followers to Frequently Share Your Content

Every Instagram marketer is working hard to get their content shared. It is one of the primary goals of every marketing expert because it increases user engagement and improves the visibility of your business.  Fortunately, the visual aspect of the painting industry makes it easier for the content to be shared as compared to other industries. This social media platform primarily offers visual content a form of painting business marketing and that makes it perfect for your painting company.

Get your creative juices flowing and check on your competitors to create attractive and engaging content. The content should also encourage your followers to share your content but never force them. A great way to spread the word about your business is to offer a reward, such as a discount or a giveaway, in return for every share.

Here are some tips for promoting your content.

  • Switch to a business profile on Instagram as soon as possible.
  • Target specific audiences by mentions and tagging.
  • Crosspost on different platforms but use different messages on each platform.
  • Pay attention to people-centric content.
  • Utilize the feature of Instagram Stories to promote your content.

Post Useful Content and Avoid Being Extremely Promotional

Many painting businesses new to Instagram indulge in a purely promotional strategy and hence do not get the desired results. This is not the way to gain followers nor the one to keep the existing ones. In fact, posting content that appears spammy does the exact opposite. Start posting content that is useful and interesting to your target audience. It is by far the best way to grow your Instagram presence. Publish content as a buyer's guide or a list of the latest painting trends to help teach your followers in the simplest way.

Consult Marketing Professionals for Painting Business Marketing

As a painter, it’s hard to focus on completing projects on time and taking out the time to invest in your marketing strategy. But skipping on marketing a painting business would cost you losing valuable leads, lucrative contracts, and returning clients.

Your hard work and dedication are important to help your business grow, expand, and excel but that’s hard without an effective marketing strategy. If you are like most painters, you are only using paid Google Ads as a marketing strategy. Unluckily, this alone would not create the sustainable revenue streams you are looking for. If you are not seeing the desired results from paid searches and other marketing tactics, consult marketing professionals.

Prefer experienced companies to help in painting business marketing. The best marketing professionals have the required expertise to take your business to the next level. You can count on our business listing directory to find the best marketing professionals who have worked with several painting companies. Being one of the most trusted platforms, Topspot101 has assisted many painting companies to touch their maximum potential by connecting them to experts. Visit us now!