FAQ's - Topspot 101

About Topspot 101:

  • What is Topspot 101?

  • Topspot 101 is a business listing directory. The platform is aimed towards both companies and people looking for services. Businesses that are listed can get visibility and leads, while individuals can find a qualified specialist.

  • How businesses are added to Topspot 101?

  • Most companies register their information on Topspot101, however, businesses may also be added by third-party merchants and public records.

Related to Business Listings:

  • How can I add a business on Topspot 101?

    We only allow registered members to add business. You can log in to add your business from your user dashboard. 
    In case you are not registered, no worries! We also allow business registrations at the time of creating new user accounts.

  • How to claim a business listing on Topspot 101?

    View the business listing of your company to locate the "Claim Now" option. After clicking it, you'll be taken to an instruction page. Follow them to claim the business listing. Please note that only registered users can claim.

  • How can I fix the incorrect information about my company?

    If your account links to the company’s profile (i.e. business listing page) you can always make edits from dashboard. If that’s not the case, you need to claim your company’s profile to make changes or fixes.

  • How can I delete my business listing?

    On a user's dashboard, there is a delete option available against every business listings the user has added.

Related to Reviews:

  • Does Topspot 101 allow you to post reviews anonymously?

    No, Topspot 101 only allows registered users to post reviews.

  • Why should I trust reviews on Topspot 101?

    We do not publish reviews on Topspot 101 immediately instead it goes for approval. We use smart systems and a dedicated team to check if the review follows community guidelines, and is not fake.

  • What are community guidelines to post reviews on Topspot 101?

    We know reviews are critical and can influence decisions. So, to get your reviews approved, please make sure they are relevant, in detail, your honest opinion, and must not include offensive or abusive language. Any review that hints fraudulent are not acceptable either. 

  • Can I delete my review?

    No, but you can always request us by sending an email with a reason to info@topspot101.com. We’ll then process your request, and will update you accordingly. Please note that it does not assure the removal of the requested review.